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To join The YuleLoggers Club, please complete this form or email the requested information to treasurer@yuleloggers.com. The YuleLoggers Club by-laws state that you must be a member of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club in order to join The YuleLoggers Club. You must provide your KOC number on the form below for your YuleLoggers Club membership request to be processed. After we have received your information, you will receive an email concerning club dues. You will not be added to the membership roster until your dues payment is received. Dues are $10.00/per calendar year payable via mail, or $10.61 via PayPal. In order to attend club meetings and join in club discussions, you must be registered on the yulelog.com bulletin boards. Please provide the login name you have chosen on yulelog.com in the Yulelog ID field below.
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